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Lee Gamble – Models

Lee Gamble – Models

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Label: Hyperdub – HDBLP065
Format: Vinyl, LP, Clear
Country: UK
Released: Oct 20, 2023
Genre: Electronic
Style: Experimental

On 'Models', Lee Gamble liberates sonic spectres to inform a suite of illusory anthems, subliming vulnerable, half-remembered fragments of dream pop, Soundcloud rap and trance in the process.

Sung by cybernetic voices in an almost wordless language, his widescreen memories reverberate across the last few decades of pop history, smudging Elizabeth Frazer's surreal poetry into disembodied diva cries and Lil Uzi Vert's abstract, AutoTuned mumbles.

Extracting haunted fragments of synthetic corrupted chatter and indecipherable non-words to sculpt dreamy pop simulacrums, Gamble takes the concept of the pop producer to its logical extreme; examining how intonation and language is engineered to monopolise our attention, his magical inversion of pop playing like a bewitching symphony of ear-worms.

A1. Purple, Orange
A2. Juice
A3. Xith C Spray
A4. She's Not
B1. Phantom Limb
B2. Blurring
B3. Your Weight On My Arms

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