Record Exchange

If you’re thinking of selling your records or collection, you’re in goods hands. We will buy your records, entire collections, small ones, big ones, all kinds of shades of electronic music.

With a penchant for Electronic music, we are particularly interested in; Ambient, Basic Channel, Bass, Breakbeat, Chicago House, Deep-House, Detroit Techno, Downtempo, Dub Techno, Electronica, Experimental, IDM, Jungle, Leftfield, Lo-fi, Modern-Classical, Outernational, Rave, Techno.

In regards to record labels, we like; Warp, Dial, L.I.E.S., Ghostly International, Delsin, Ostgut Ton, The Trilogy Tapes, Giegling, PAN, Smallville Records, AD 93, Opal Tapes, PAN, Ninja Tune, FXHE, Ilian Tape, Workshop, Hessle Audio, Modern Love, KDJ, Hyperdub, Latency, Underground Resistance, Rephlex, Kompakt, Border Community, Comatonse, Peacefrog, Mille Plateaux, Echospace Detroit, RVNG Intl.


For small collections we ask you to Message Us a list in order to evaluate it, make an estimate and propose an offer for it.


With large collections, we would like to visit your collection in person in order to evaluate it, make an estimate and propose an offer for it. (inventory of the collection and its condition is helpful). If you’re in London area we can pay you a visit free of charge, at your convenience. If you’re outside of London or even the UK, Message Us for further details.