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IA MIX 371 Maryisonacid

IA MIX 371 Maryisonacid

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An avid crate digger and the mother of African Acid Is The Future, Maryama Luccioni, lovingly and rather attractively known as Maryisonacid, delivers a flush podcast for the IA MIX Series ripe with undulated rhythms, blistering beats, and perked-up textures that pump through the veins red-hot, bringing the body to a new portal.

A righteous advocate of the African sound of diaspora, she keeps her music philosophy alive by vigorously fleshing out multi-genre treasures from the land of original rhythm and tempo coupled with elements of her upbringing straight from Paris Barbès to the punk scene of Berlin.

Across her 60-minute mix, Maryisonacid draws a passage to another world bewitched with enigmatic blends moving at a flirtatious shifting pace sourced directly from her individuality to form sensual, percussive hours and after-hours of murk and sweat for dancefloors of the future.

Interview by Asmi Shetty

Limited Edition Cassette

Side A - 30:00
Side B - 30:59

Mix by Maryisonacid
Photos by Iga Drobisz
Design by Tom Durston

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