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James K - PET

James K - PET

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Label: Dial – Dial LP 035, She Rocks! – SR!001
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album, Poster
Country: Germany
Released: Apr 2016
Genre: Electronic
Style: Dark Ambient, Experimental, Electro

All the while honing her skills as a singer, producer and visual artist – from a couple outings on New York’s multi-sensory UNO to her collaboration with Gobby as SETH onto her installations for Swedish gallery Loyal, Jamie Krasner has developed a singular persona, questioning her self-awareness within an epoch tailored around diluted personalities and cultural straightening.

James K‘s debut long-player PET arrives via 1080p, Dial and her own imprint She Rocks – Exploring shape-shifting socio-cultural motifs with subtle bravura, the album puts the tiny cracks and deep wounds of a whole era under the magnifying lens, turning modern solitude into a breeding ground for better times.

As stated in our interview with Krasner from 2016 - "the album narrates my search for honest expression by means of the premature denial – a childish excursion into a world of monstrosity and innocence. PET is the fetishised version of this infantilized person. PET is about trying to escape, but, ultimately, being owned."

"It’s related to a general theme in the work I was making at the time (in 2010) about fragmented and flattened personas, performing myself as an example. It was a critique on the influence and effects that media has on the construction of persona. I had a vested interest in making work on this subject. I saw the effect that social media had on people in real life – how consumerist values were becoming a means of personal value."

"We live in a time where it’s almost impossible to escape the commercial, and it influences how our reality is constructed. With this, the spiritual sense of community has vanished. PET relates to my personal experiences within these cultural values. On a more personal level, it also relates to relationships-with myself and others – where I felt my values were compromised."
A1. Bow (Submit Now!)
A2. Drunktrack
A3. Sokit to me Baby
A4. Jellisy
A5. Rihanna
A6. Luv Me Too
B1. R.I.P.
B2. Nova
B3. Wetstone
B4. Blu (Soda)
B5. Paranormal

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