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Natural Sciences

DJ Sacred - Dungeon Rap: The Evolution (with A3 Poster)

DJ Sacred - Dungeon Rap: The Evolution (with A3 Poster)

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Label: Natural Sciences – none
Format: Cassette, Album, Compilation, A3 Poster
Country: UK
Released: Jun 15, 2023
Genre: Electronic, Hip Hop
Style: Dungeon Synth, Screw, Hip Hop, Lo-Fi

It's been 4 years since the release of already cult compilation Dungeon Rap: The Introduction. It became a foundation for the dark, melancholic Dungeon Rap genre, synthetically created by Alex Yatsun, a music producer from Kharkiv, Ukraine. This release gave rise to new artists, producers and labels that continue to develop this music in different parts of the world.

Dungeon Rap is a brutal, phantom sound that is trapped in a time loop where no future exists. It is also a nostalgia for a vanished past that never existed. The eclectic mix of seemingly incompatible genres made sense when the diabolical lo-fi rap of Memphis was complemented by the equally dark and magical Dungeon Synth. It turned out that the two genres had a lot in common, from the low-budget DIY production to the overall atmosphere of the all-pervasive presence of evil. The combination of the haunting and the lost, the depressive yearning and hatred for a gridlocked world with no future - that's the spirit of this new genre. This is the music of the end of history.

Dungeon Rap: The Evolution is a new compilation designed to push the boundaries of the genre and bring together all the new ideas that have emerged over these last 4 years. An atmosphere of darkness sweeps throughout the album, from the dark, horrifying recordings of 80's number stations to the mystical, sad and suicidal sounds of cheap synthesizers. Most of the tracks were written in Kharkiv, where bombs have been falling and artillery firing for almost a year and a half. Where death and horror have become part of everyday life. Where life is being erased from the face of the earth.

The third part of the album contains selected works by producers from various countries, from Finland to Germany and England. The different approaches to writing music have expanded and developed Dungeon Rap even further, where there is room for both quiet instrumental tunes and music for armed robberies. All of this together creates an almost suicidal, devastating sound of darkness.

The album is dedicated to all the victims who lost their lives to the artillery of Russian fascism.

1. Pillbox - Corpse
2. Pillbox - Stop The World
3. Pillbox - My Silence
4. Pillbox - Where Do We Dwell Ft. Kyanngg Am0
5. Pillbox - The Call Ft. Dominus Soul
6. Pillbox - Bombs Ft. BluntSmokke
7. Pillbox - Stop The World 199X
8. DJ Armok - Chrome Tone Tribute Ft. DJ Killa C
9. DJ Armok - Secrets Of Life And Death
10. DJ Armok - Through Your Bones Ft. DJ Killa C
11. DJ Armok - Dead Shores
12. DJ Armok - Nothing To lose
13. DJ Armok - The Castle of Kelaxela
14. Lord Crucifix - Ocean Intro
15. DJ Mistah Evil - The Unknown
16. DJ Mistah Evil - Fuck All Dem Bitchez
17. Dominus Soul - Blood of The Innocent Ft. Cave Castle
18. Dominus Soul - Our Land Ft. Orcaluv
19. Plvnktxn187 - Dig Them Graves
20. DJ Gravelord - Two Hard Muthafuckaz Ft. DJ Bishop
21. Lord Crucifix - Implacabilis Ft. Dismemberment

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