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Tonal Union

Anenon - Moons Melt Milk Light

Anenon - Moons Melt Milk Light

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Label: Tonal Union – TU004LP
Format: Black Vinyl, LP, Album, Limited Edition
Country: US
Released: Nov 17, 2023
Genre: Electronic, Jazz
Style: Modern Classical, Ambient

Brian Allen Simon is Anenon, and 'Moons Melt Milk Light' is his latest album, and perhaps greatest of Anenon's work to date. Veering in a new direction like the tongue twister title, and seeking new courtship, Brian's latest work arrives on London via Berlin-based Tonal Union, a newer label seemingly cherry-picking contemporary music far and wide, for like-minded refined lady of means, matrimonially inclined... tee-hee.

Gone are the layers of synthetics flirted with on previous albums 'Tongue' and 'Petrol', Neo has appeared in reality in all his rawness – red pilled to fuck. What's left is more organic in expression, the instruments speaking louder than words ever could... the irony that you should take your time with this album and artist, when the damn thing is so encapsulating and terse.

The work on 'Moons Melt Milk Light' was largely improvised, a perfect harmony of smokey saxophone, clarinet and deeply melancholic piano keys... stripped back like a dance at Woody's. There in the far flung spaces, we search for solace, we grab for it, we need it, the air to breathe to relieve the tension created for the darkness that is life, all evaporated in the glimmer of a moment with tracks like 'Untitled Skies'.

Despite the briefness in duration, there are many highlights to this album, from the ingenuity and scene-setting of 'As It Is When It Appears' and 'Champeix', to the time stopping elegance of 'Hand Poetry', whatever the inspiration or push was to make this album, loss or light, it pays in honesty, and yet again Anenon has created a piece of art to add to the catalogs of history.

I point my hat and nod to the wave of amazing artists putting in hard work, tours and music that are finally getting music like this released in these interesting times... and this is one of those albums that's well worth a shout. 'Moons Melt Milk Light' is a beautifully submersive and contemporary expression from Anenon.

All music composed, performed, and produced by Brian Allen Simon. Mastered by John Roberts at Brunette Editions. Vinyl cut by Andreas Kauffelt at Schnittstelle Mastering in Berlin, Germany.

1. Untitled Skies
2. Moons Melt Milk Light
3. Maine Piano
4. Night Painting I
5. A Million Birds II
6. As it is When it Appears
7. Champeix
8. Night Painting II
9. Hand Poetry
10. Endings (Solo)
11. Sightless Eyes (N16)

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