In-Store: Ramjac Corporation

In-Store: Ramjac Corporation

Acid house legend Ramjac Corportation is set to perform a rare live reel-to-reel set at Inverted Audio Record Store in Peckham on Saturday 4th May (5-8pm). 

Ramjac Corportation is the production alias of UK-based sound artist, programmer and percussionist Paul Chivers, one of the UK’s unsung electronic pioneers, known for his voltaic live shows during the heady Summer of Love in 1988 and beyond.

Jamming his own flavour of sampled beats live from his Atari and Emulator, Ramjac performed at the now legendary Sunrise, Energy and Back To The Future raves and went on to tour with Orbital, The Shaman and The Irresistible Force.

For the occasion, an exclusive cassette will be on sale packing five potent dabs of acid house, breakbeat and dub electronics recorded by Ramjac between 1994 - 1995. 

Consisting of five never before heard tracks, 'Bibec Studio Extracts 1994 - 1995' offers a unique snapshot into the music that Ramjac was producing during that era. 

Side-A features three effervescent extracts spanning acid house and experimental all recorded live at Bibec Studios in Farringdon. 'Definitely Dub' is a heady dub collaboration with MC Milo Lapis - who provided vocals on Ramjac's iconic 90's track 'Cameroon Massif!'. Side-B features an intoxicating 29-minute live jam 'Emergency Override'.

Designed by Tom Durston the inside cover features a photo of Ramjac's live reel-to-reel performance at the Inverted Audio curated stage Campfire Headphase at Farr Festival 2018. The cassette will be on sale at the free to attend event located in Peckham's Holdrons Arcade.

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