Dial Drop II/III

Dial Drop II/III

Inverted Audio Store have secured the very last vinyl copies of Dial's back catalogue, the much loved German record label helmed by by Peter M. Kersten aka Lawrence and David Lieske aka Carsten Jost.

Having announced Dial Drop I/III (12"s and EP's), Dial Drop II/III features single and double LP's from Dial's discography, including sought after albums from Sten, Christian Naujoks, Ursprung (Pantha Du Prince & Stephen Abry), John Roberts, DJ Richard, James K, Roman Flügel, Carsten Jost, Lawrence, Tracey, XDB and Irakli.

Dial Drop II/III takes place at Inverted Audio Record Store in London on Saturday 20th April. Remaining records will go on sale via the Inverted Audio Store website on Sunday 21st April.

Inverted Audio Record Store is open from 12 - 6pm and is located in Peckham's Holdrons Arcade, 2 minute walk from Peckham Rye Overground Station.

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