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Phantom Limb

c / a – THE ONLY WAY WE KNOW TO HAVE FUN [w/ ecolagbohrsac2021]

c / a – THE ONLY WAY WE KNOW TO HAVE FUN [w/ ecolagbohrsac2021]

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Label: Phantom Limb – none
Format: Vinyl, LP, Green Transparent
Country: UK
Released: Jul 9, 2021
Genre: Electronic
Style: Grime, Hardcore, Leftfield, Speedcore, Neofolk
Condition: Mint (inc. Download)

Created by scrying on the black surface of a ThinkPad X230, the albums’ brute use of medieval and Gaelic music samples is brought together with bubblegum video-games-on-acid techno, FM sound design, drone doom, and a relatively abstract form of UK grime. Under the light of such esoteric influences, the duo's interest in artificial intelligence in creative applications pursues a more under the hood and philosophical approach. Such experimentation, whilst prevalent on many of the shorter tracks, is most dominant on the album's opening track Knowledge, during which the duo’s approach to conjuring melody is evidenced.

1. Knowledge [prophecy, millenarianism and personal destiny]
2. Docile Goetica [sharpened faculties of awareness and understanding]
3. compounding of a digital love philtre [initiatic grace & the global future]
4. HORSES [2020 to 2186 / expression of yearning for the experience of God]
5. FYCK SOLIPSISM GABBER [ My Demonic Figures [nightly build1072020] / Is, as thou seest, not quite closed. no posts on IG and completely off the grid even using Qubes and all that]
6. Fucking with an online date at a beautiful natural spot somewhere in the Beckenham Place Park [in the London of 2186, drowned in fog]
7. THE PRIMER [perfect knowledge upon this fallen earth / the weather is good, i feel good]
8. Sodastream Bells and Blades of Grass [angelic conversations on acid jamming with a 303 clone / it’s such a Lovely Day Today]
9. A Lovestory in the Medieval England of 2186 / Troilus & Criseyde [nothing changes, just re-arranges... And then on his bended knees, stretching his hands to heaven, he said...]
10. GAELICORE [if it be Thy Will, deign to gaze upon this mirror and sanctify it / for thou art he who didst make manifest light and snow, hurler of shudderful thunder]
11. WEWILLHELPYOUREGROW [the tree of tech-crystals / by a sacred place capable of representing / to garden was to place oneself]

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